Choosing The Right Blinds

Choosing the right blinds can be more challenging than you think, with a variety of materials, styles, and colours. And of course, cost is an issue too, especially for anyone installing commercial blinds, where saving money is as important as making sure the blinds do the job effectively.

Commercial blinds also need to be durable, if you're installing them in an environment where damage from smoke, chemicals or just general wear and tear may be likely. Blinds in a restaurant or public area are often adjusted by customers who don't always handle them as carefully as they should. Installing blinds that last longer and maintain their looks is obviously important when it comes to saving money in the long run. Wood or pvc / vinyl blinds are considered to be the most durable for a high use commercial setting, and wooden blinds have the advantage of looking stylish too. And you may need to buy blinds that are larger than the standard blind size, as many windows in restaurants, warehouses and other areas are larger. Budget is probably important too when buying commercial blinds, and comparing prices and ordering in bulk can potentially save a lot on the overall cost. 

If you're choosing blinds for your home, your requirements may be different. Most homeowners want something that's easy to install and use, looks good and matches their existing décor or look. However, if your blinds are going to be installed in a children's room or where pets can get at them, durability is also a factor. Venetian blinds are functional, easy to use and won't break most budgets, while a roller blind is perhaps easier to pull all the way up. Don't forget to choose the colour based on your existing colour scheme; in general, pastel colours or grey blinds match anything, including a brightly coloured room. Bamboo or timber blinds can give your room a tropical or more relaxed look, and wooden blinds may be the ideal look for a rustic cabin or holiday cottage.

Of course, functionality is important too, whether choosing commercial blinds or blinds for your home. Those blinds with long dangling cords can also be a safety hazard for small children or pets, and it's all too easy for the cord to become tangled or loose. Blinds in the kitchen or a workshop often get more use than those in the rest of the home. If the point of your blinds is to shut out the light completely, perhaps for a home cinema, or to ensure a dark bedroom, blackout blinds may be the answer. These are designed to keep out as much light as possible, and they can even lower the temperature in your home and help with better sleep. Another advantage is that they can help to reduce noise levels, and most blackout blinds come in darker shades and are made of thicker material.

Finally, quality is important too when choosing commercial blinds or blinds for your sitting room. Good quality blinds can be a sound investment and can function for many years.